The Difference Between Weight Loss And Fat Loss

A lot of people confuse losing weight with losing fat. When someone says "I want to lose weight" general what they actually mean is that they want to lose fat. You never hear anybody say that they want to lose their lean muscle, right? It is important to understand that there is a big difference between losing weight and losing fat and then to work toward losing fat instead.

Weight loss is a general term that can describe any type of weight that you lose from your body. This can include loss of muscle, loss of water weight or fat loss. A lot of times when people lose weight they actually just lose muscle mass and water weight, which doesn't give them the body that they want. Have you ever known someone who is what I like to refer to as "skinny fat?" This person may be very thin, but they still don't look good naked because despite their relatively small size they still have a high percentage of body fat.

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Fat loss, on the other hand, specifically refers to losing fat from your body rather than lean muscle mass or water weight. When most people say they want to lose weight, what they really mean is that they want to lose fat. By losing fat, your body will become sleek and toned which is a much sexier look than being thin with a high body fat percentage. After all, your goal should not just be to be thin, but also to have a great body that you can be proud of .

One way to promote fat loss rather than weight loss is to work on strength training exercises that help you to build lean muscle. Muscle takes more energy for your body to maintain, meaning that the more muscle you have on your body the more calories your body will burn while you are just sitting around doing nothing, or even while you are sleeping. That doesn't mean that you need to "bulk up" or that you have to develop huge muscles. Instead, just doing light strength training exercises several days a week can help to promote fat loss.

Along with muscle building exercises, it is important to follow a diet that is geared toward fat loss rather than weight loss. Most of today's popular diets including low carb, low fat or starvation type diets do not promote fat loss. In fact, some of these diets can actually slow your metabolism down so the minute you go off them you pack any weight you may have lost right back on again. Instead of these types of diets, you need to eat a diet that gives your muscles enough energy while at the same time promoting fat loss.

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