Finding a Weight Loss Product Attorney

If you've been victimized or defrauded by a weight loss product or service, then you need a weight loss product attorney to file a formal complaint against the manufacturer. How do you know if you have grounds to file a lawsuit? Here is a rundown of just some of the phony weight loss supplements and products sold in the market, according to the FDA> If you have used some of them and suffered side effects and other such consequences, you should consult a weight loss product attorney and explore your options.

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1. Muscle stimulators. These electrical devices can cause urns and electric shocks when used improperly - and unfortunately, a lot of unsuspecting weight loss product buyers have bought devices that use stimulators at one time or another. The FDA has already taken most of these products (if not all) off the market, except those that are used for physical therapy. Have you been a victim of electric muscle stimulators? Then consult with a weight loss product attorney.

2. Magical weight loss jewelry (like earrings and eyeglasses). Some manufacturers have sold products like this, saying that the earrings 'stimulate' specific acupuncture points that help suppress appetite and control hunger. Their effectiveness has not been proven. There are even manufacturers who claim that their eyeglasses - which purportedly have colored lenses - project a certain 'image' to your retina, dampening your cravings. Like the earrings, these have never been proven effective.

3. Others. There are many other weight loss products that can cause side effects, or at least waste your hard0-earned money. Consult a weight loss product attorney if you think that you have reason so file formal complaints against their manufacturers.

Where to find a weight loss product attorney

You can go to either the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, or your state Attorney General, who has the authority to investigate and possibly prosecute deceptive or unfair practices violating the consumer protection law. You and your weight loss product attorney may seek civil fines, restitution, and in some cases, even the revocation of the manufacturer's power to go on doing business.

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