The Skinny on the New Weight Loss Patch Products

With a third of the US population struggling with obesity, it's no wonder that there has been a considerable increase in the sales of weight loss products in the market. Among the most popular are the new weight loss patches that claim to be a non-invasive and effective way of losing those unwanted pounds.

How do they work?

The new weight loss patch products available today contain certain substances that work as appetite suppressants. These substances are directly absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream which increases their efficacy. Manufacturers of these new weight loss patches claim that their products are made of natural herbs that have been proven effective on their own.

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The new weight loss patch is usually effective for three days. You don't need to take it off when you need to take a shower because of its strong adhesion to the skin. Just make sure that you don't put in on a hairy part of your body to avoid irritation.

What's in them?

The new weight loss patch is purported to only contain natural herbs and substances that aid in reducing hunger pangs. One of the most common herbs in the new weight loss patch is Garcinia. This is a plant that has known cathartic effects. As an appetite suppressant, it works directly on the serotonin levels of the brain to curb the desire to binge on sweets. Another well-known ingredient is the Fucus Vesiculosus, otherwise known as the bladder wrack seaweed. This plant increases the body's metabolic rate by acting on the thyroid glands.

Are they effective?

While the components of the new weight loss patch are individually effective in weight loss, the efficacy of the product itself remains to be seen. Some studies claim that the use of the patch can cause weight loss but whether it's significant enough to cause attention is still an ongoing debate.

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