The Nicotine Patch and Weight Loss Supplement In One?

The nicotine patch and weight loss are in a way related because of the belief that nicotine present in tobacco products aid in weight loss. Scientists also came up with new studies on how they can combine the nicotine patch and weight loss supplements in one product.

Smoking and weight loss

Smoking became associated with weight loss so most women decide that they should smoke in order to maintain or achieve their ideal body weight. Nicotine is an ingredient in tobacco products that is said to aid in weight loss when it comes to smoking. This is because of the beliefs that it helps speed up your metabolism

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Weight gain

In most cases, people gain weight after they quit smoking because their metabolism decreases without nicotine. Furthermore, they feel hungrier so they eat more food, or they simply want to put something in their mouth to compensate for cigarettes, so they turn to food instead. They give in to their food cravings to satisfy the kind of oral gratification they used to get from smoking.

Two products in one

The nicotine patch is used to aid smokers when they are quitting by preventing withdrawal symptoms, while weight loss products can help them lose weight. However, there are products that combine the effects of the nicotine patch and weight loss products in one. An example is Acomplia

About Acomplia

Acomplia is the brand of Rimonabant, a drug that combines the effects of a nicotine patch and weight loss supplements. It helps to stop both cigarette and food cravings, which can help smokers quit smoking while maintaining or losing their weight.

How it works

Rimonabant works by blocking the CB1 receptor whose signals are responsible for regulating our body's energy and food intake. Blocking these signals responsible for curbing your cravings help achieve weight loss, reduce your dependence on tobacco, and improve the metabolic/cardiovascular risks on obese and overweight patients.

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